I ain't never leaving Nashville

A couple weeks ago, I took my first trip down to Nashville, TN with my boyfriend to attend a photo workshop from the photographers Josh & Meg from Love Is A Big Deal. I've always heard about how great Nashville is from many friends and family members, not to mention Christian goes down occasionally with Porter & Sayles (his duo, check em out!) When I found out that there was going to be an Unposed workshop I knew I had to attend. Not only because I am a huge fan of Josh & Meg's work and their philosophy on photographing couples, but this was my chance to get out of the everyday routine and explore somewhere new. 

The initial planning for this trip probably started in January and as it got closer I started booking Air BNB's, pinning like crazy all the spots I wanted to check out, and kept praying along with having my fingers crossed that Christian would be able to join me to show me around Nashville. 

Finally Monday May 14th rolled around, and at 10 p.m. we left for Tennessee! The drive was long but not too bad considering every time we stopped for gas, we would switch who was driving. Tuesday morning around 10:30-11:00 a.m. we finally reached Nashville! From Tuesday - Thursday afternoon we walked around the city exploring all of the wall art, went to a concert (Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul) hot spots for food, and hung at Crazy Town with our friend Paul Knakk (also another musician you should totally check out!). 

Thursday afternoon/evening was the workshop and let me tell you, I was SO nervous. When Christian dropped me off it felt like my first day at school. I had my backpack, cute outfit on, all the previous knowledge bouncing around in my head, and a timid smile on my face. Once we all got in and the workshop started moving along, I cannot believe the amount of information that I had learned. Josh & Meg not only taught us about Unposed, but they showed us that the more that you are YOURSELF, the easier it will be to attract your ideal client, to work stress free and make your images come to life. The easier it will be to continue doing what you love day in and day out, and never think...man this is starting to get boring. I am so thankful everyday that I get to do what I do, and not to mention I am super thankful to all of my AMAZING couples out there who have had me as their photographer in the past, or we have a wedding coming up in the near or distant future. You guys fuel my love and passion for photography. Creating and preserving memories is one super power that I know for a fact that I can use everyday to change someones life.

I felt the honesty and power in my heart in Nashville so much more than I have before. So  many people in this world are still trying to find their purpose, they're trying to find that ONE thing that they think they're meant to do for the rest of their lives. Stopping time just for an instant is one of the most gratifying feelings in the universe. What I'm about to say may sound a little cheesy but is one of the best ways to describe how awesome it is to capture those moments and those people is......the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran. I will admit that every time I hear it I either get choked up or just plain as day cry. 

4 a.m. came super quick Friday morning, and by 4:30 a.m. we were back on the road to Pennsylvania. The time that we spent in Nashville was simply amazing. Christian and I had such a great time together and the workshop was incredible. I really didn't want to come home at first,  but then I started thinking about all of the awesome couples I was going to get to photograph with all of the information that I had learned with Josh & Meg and started to get really excited. I have 4 weddings down so far this season and a bunch more to go! Thank you again to all my awesome couples out there, my kick ass friends and family for being so supportive of my dreams, and Christian for being the best man I could ever ask for. 

Here are SOME of the MANY photos we took while hangin in Nashville, I hope you enjoy! 


With Love, 



P.S. You'll see a photo of me holding my hand out....there is a lady bug on it. Lady bugs are my good luck charm. I call them Joseps....FYI. 


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