Green Thumb

August is here my friends! What a busy summer so far! I have so many things to share with you, but first I want to take the time to show you something a little different than what I normally do. 

This is my backyard at my parents house, and every year my father grows a garden like no other. ( At least in my eyes!) Every spring leading into summer he starts to gather up all the fruits and vegetables that he'd like to grow and every year I always think to myself that it seems really ambitious. Then I remember that its my Dad and he can grow anything under the sun. I came home a couple weeks ago to visit and took out my camera while he was working in the garden and just started photographing all of this prized plants and their goodies. 

He waters the plants from the white chair with ease, like a human sprinkler system waving the hose back and forth. It's absolutely amazing watching the garden from start to finish. At first it just looks like a big plot of dirt with some specs of green, then gradually turns into a jungle of plants that show pops of color like red, purple, and yellow. 

Years ago when I visited Maine I found a basket made for picking your vegetables out of the garden hoping that he would find use for it. He uses it every time he takes a short trip out to see whats available to eat. Its such a cool basket because you just throw everything right into it and then you are able to hose everything off and the dirt and excess water just drops right out of it! He absolutely loves it!

My Dad is one of the biggest reasons why I became a photographer, growing up he always had a camera out and I was always obsessed with looking at the photos after they came back from the lab. The ability to create something that can last forever is a gift that is so special and I am so thankful for. The way he grows his garden is like the way I go about photographing my way through life. I take things slow, I appreciate my subjects for what they are and pay special attention to their wants and needs. I treat every wedding, every session, and every click of the shutter the same way. It is near and dear to my heart, just like tending to a garden. It takes time, patience, love, dedication, and passion. 

I believe the term 'green thumb' can be used for whatever it is that you care most about. If you have a gift, embrace it. My father has his garden, I have photography.....whats yours?

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