Deep down, everything has a reason.

2013 was when I photographed my first wedding. A friend of mine from high school asked me if I would photograph hers, knowing that I have never done one before (that took guts to ask a total newbie) and trusted me with her whole day. It was a very long day, but I loved every minute. I remember feeling excited, nerves through the roof, but once the day started my adrenaline kicked in and nothing could stop me. After the wedding and all of the images were edited and delivered I started to post some of them to my facebook business page just to share my work. I wasn’t thinking at all that people were actually going to continue to ask me to photograph weddings.

It started off slowly, maybe 1 or 2 in 2014 and some second shooting, a few engagement sessions here and there...same goes for 2015. 2016 went to 4 weddings, 2017 I had 10 and started feeling like maybe this is something that’s meant for me. I got sick of my full time job, always being in the car and just thinking there’s got to be something more out there. In June of 2017 I left my full time job and focused on my 10 weddings and other sessions.

For a while, when people would ask me how I got started, and why I loved photographing weddings I would say, “Well I always loved playing dress up as a kid...brides get all dressed up for their day, I am fascinated with how people meet and fall in love, and its a huge party...why not?”. At the time that was good enough for me.

As I progressed into 2018 I had about 15-16 weddings and I started diving more into the business aspect and reading about your WHY and how it is so extremely important to be able to express to your couples. It really was stuck in my head for a long time and I couldn’t get it out. I felt really stuck and lost in why I couldn’t figure it out. Until one day...I was out with one of my best friends, Lauren of Lauren Fletcher Photography (her work is dope you should totally check her out) and we got into a kind of heated conversation about the things that drive us and make us love our job so damn much. Finally I just went on this rant and it flew out of my mouth.

Today, I feel like a lot of people don’t see the value in being present. We’re always too busy, we’re always thinking about whats next, whats bigger, whats better...instead of stopping, breathing, and focusing on what we have. We’re sucked into our phones, social media, and the fakery. The mentality of if something’s broken you don't fix it, you just go and get a new one (whatever it may be) is sickening to me. It drives me crazy. Life isn’t perfect, love isn’t perfect, but that is why these moments that I photograph are SO IMPORTANT. When those dark times and bad days come you have these gorgeous and emotional photos to bring you back to your roots. You remember the people who were there for you from the start, you remember the look on your partners face when they saw you for the first time, and it makes you PAUSE, slow down and realize how lucky you are to be alive and in love. Do you ever remember seeing photos of your grandparents and saying to yourself, “Wow, look how beautiful and in love they are...” These photos will be your history, they will be passed down for generations to come and teach the future children and grandchildren that love is sacred.

Are weddings expensive, YES. Is photography an investment, ABSOLUTELY. Trust me when I say it is 100% worth it. The music will eventually stop, the flowers will fade, the taste of the food will be washed down almost instantly, but your photos will live on forever. They have the power to bring back the magic, the butterflies, laughs, tears, and heart stopping moments.

It takes a long time to learn the skills to maneuver through a wedding day flawlessly. We are a photographer, entertainer, dress bustling master, teeth checker, calming voice, and sometimes dance partner. If you ask me thats a whirlwind of jobs for one person in a day, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

If you’re still here, sorry for the rant...but do you see my point? It took me a while to get to this conclusion, but now that I have it, it drives me ever harder to create the best images for you.

Everyone has a different love story to tell, and I would absolutely love to tell yours.

2013 vs 2020

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