Jordan and I go back. Back further than she wanted to admit at first. In 2015 Jordan and I started working together in Secaucus, NJ on the same day in the photo department at The RealReal. A good portion of the morning when we were being taken around the studio I kept looking at her thinking to myself...I know this chick. We were taken into our commons area to fill out some paperwork and eventually said, "You look really familiar, I'm positive I know you from somewhere, we've definitely met before but I cant figure it out." To which she replied, "Nah, I dont think so, I've never seen you before." I thought to myself well alrighty then, but I knew I DEFINITELY have seen her before.

A few moments pass by and she looks at the paperwork I'm filling out and she says, "WAIT....Blasko? Amiee Blasko? From Christmas City Studios!?" B. I. N. G. O. She was thinkin' she was sitting next to some nut job claiming they'd met before when actually WE DID. We worked together at a portrait studio in Bethlehem, PA in 2011, but never on the same jobs really. Her hair was way shorter, she was in the earlier stages of her yoga journey, and I only knew the 'strong side'.

8 years later, I don't only know the 'strong side'. I know the kind, compassionate, and loving side. I know that family & friendship are everything to her. I know that nothing fuels her soul like a good belly laugh, some Stevie Nicks on the radio, and ocean air in her long black hair. I have seen her in the toughest of times, and during some of the absolute best times of her life. I stood with her as she married her best friend. I never knew how hard I could love a friend, and I never knew how much I needed someone like her in my life.

Today she is accomplishing amazing things in the yoga world and I am beyond proud of her. These photos are nothing short of a typical beach day for us with a little yoga exploration.

Jordan, thank you for being such an amazing friend and always sticking by my side. I love you forever.