Let me introduce you to...The Memory Box.

I've been searching for an additional product to offer to my clients, and this seems like the perfect fit! I always get a lot of people asking me where to get prints made that are good quality and surprisingly enough I've also have had a lot of people ask about USB devices. Here we have the best of both worlds with an additional perk. Each box is handcrafted with walnut wood, and has two separate spaces inside to store your USB, your prints, and any additional small memories. It makes for a great coffee table piece, household decor, or a keepsake box.


Who is this for?

This is for ANYONE who has been photographed by me or is looking to book me in the future! Whether I photographed your wedding, couples session, or portrait session, this is for you!

What images are included on the USB and at what quality?

The images that are included on the USB are the same ones that are in your gallery online. Having a physical copy is just another way to be able to keep your images safe and an additional source of backup!

What size are the prints?

You will receive 30 high quality, 4x6 prints in your Memory Box.

How much is The Memory Box?

The Memory Box is $250 and is shipped directly to your door! No need to hassle with printing sites or drug stores. All of the hard work is done for you.

How do I order & select my images?

Check out the 4 easy steps below!

4 Easy Steps


A new gallery email will be sent to you upon your order. Open your gallery and start scrolling through your images to refresh yourself!


When you find an image you'd like as a print you can click on the heart to add it to your favorites. There will be a list called MEMORY BOX you will add your favorite images to. You will be able to select 30 images.


Contact me and let me know when you have selected your favorite images so I can start the ordering process! Also, please let me know the address you would like your Memory Box sent to!


Keep an eye out for a package to arrive in the mail! Once you have received your Memory Box, be sure to take some photos and share with me on Facebook or Instagram!

Interested in ordering?

Contact me!