Times have changed, and so has the definition of eloping!

I think it's safe to say that the world has completely changed. From going to the grocery store, to simply going out to a restaurant, we function in a whole new way of life. Way back in the day, eloping was viewed as a very secretive way to get married by "running away" and not telling any family or friends. Today, eloping has a whole new meaning and I'm here to give you some insight on what exactly it means now, who its meant for, how you can do it, and still involve your loved ones!

What eloping is, today!

When thinking about the definition of an elopement, it truly varies on what is important to YOU. My definition of elopement is : Choosing your relationship and personal values to come as first priority while enjoying a day thats catered to what you love to do, involving those who truly matter.

Many people believe that eloping means your day will not be as special as a big wedding day, but I think it's the complete opposite. Have you ever thought about what you would if you had one day to make the best day ever? That's exactly what eloping is. You can seriously do WHATEVER it is YOU want to do on YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Who is it for?

Well to be honest, anyone really! It all depends on your personal values and interests.

If you are the type of couple that is more on the reserved side and like to keep things personal and private, eloping is for you. If you're the couple who wants to have a day of adventure with their significant other and create a day that is 100% catered to what YOU love to do, eloping is for you. If you are trying your best to get married during the Covid pandemic but aren't exactly sure how to do it, eloping is for you!

The great thing about eloping is that there aren't any rules and you can make it a day all about YOU and what YOU want to do.

Common Myths About Eloping and Busting Them!

They're illegal & secret!

NAH. Let me stop you right there! Depending on which state / country you get married in there are licenses and regulations to follow just like a traditional wedding, but they are viewed as 100% legal marriages! Although you may keep it a secret, it is not mandatory to keep it one. Many couples choose to tell their close friends & family before they elope and even include them on the day of! Those who truly love and support your decisions will be there for you no matter how you go about it! Like Bernard Baruch said, "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

Only meant for 2 people!

FALSE. One of the biggest misconceptions is that when a couple elopes it is only the two of them (plus officiant if needed & photographer) is allowed. Just because you are thinking or planning on eloping you can totally involve your family and friends! You can have a day filled with activities for you and your s/o and involve your loved ones at the end of the day for a dinner party / small reception! Just because eloping means "secret" doesn't mean it has to stay one!

Action packed day.

I know just by scrolling on my instagram feed I always see so many photos of couples who elope and go to these gorgeous national parks and do these intense hikes that last all day long and they snag the most epic views ever. Truth be told, not everyone is up for those huge hikes and adventures and THAT'S OKAY! Remember, it's a day catered to what you like to do! Just imagine your best day ever and insert some vows!

Photos for 1-2 hrs...

Is that all you want to remember? If you were to have a full traditional wedding and you're hiring a photographer...how many hours would they be there? Probably anywhere form 6-10 hours. Why should your elopement have anything less! It's still the day you're getting married and you deserve to remember it from start to finish! Where you got ready, your activities, ceremony, dinner, and in-between moments...you deserve to remember those too!

Just to save money.

Although eloping is a cheaper alternative to a traditional wedding, this is not the first thought that comes to mind when planning an elopement. It is more about the experience and planning a day for what the couple truly wants to do, not what they feel like they should do to please the masses.

Courthouse wedding.

For some...but have you thought about eloping by a waterfall? How about in the middle of the woods, at your favorite brewery, on the river...the options are endless! You can choose to be married anywhere you desire! Just make sure that if your location requires a permit that you get one, but I can help you out with that!

So What Does a Full Elopement Day Look Like?

Get ready to use your imagination!

Since it's your day, just think about if you could plan the best day ever what it would look like. Where would you like to go, what would you like to eat, what would you like to do, and who would you like to spend the day with? You can have some breakfast in bed and have a nice morning of relaxing / getting ready before setting out on a day of adventure to lead to your elopement spot, then head to a private dinner for friends & family. You can also wake up at sunrise and have a day filled with exploring and hiking to your ceremony, having a picnic and enjoying a night of brews and music! Looking to travel outside the country? Nows your chance to take that trip youve always been dreaming of! The possibilities are endless!

So what do ya think?

If you're sitting at your computer right now wondering if eloping is right for you, click below to contact me! We can set up a call and chat about your thoughts, vision, and plan a day thats perfect for you!