Picture it...

 It's on its way! Your wedding day! One of two things probably just ran through you head. 1) I cant wait to marry my best friend and it couldn't come any sooner! OR 2) Oh goodness I have so much to do before that day comes....slow down please! There are a lot of decisions you will make while planning your wedding but choosing a photographer is one I'd like to make a no brainer for you. When it comes to photographing your special day, I like to take a relaxed and photojournalistic approach. I want you to be involved in your day completely and not being tugged around by a camera. The day is meant to be all about you and your other half, not about how cool I can make my Instagram feed. Nervous about being photographed? Don't be! The way I guide you through your portraits is 90% you hanging out with your love and 10% of guidance from me. I'm all about the kisses, cuddles, bear hugs, and belly laughs that tell your love story to the fullest! Sound like a dream? Lets make it come true!

kutztown backyard barn DIY wedding, candid field walking with couple